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Jay Bhansali
The commitment to professionalism, dedication to compassion and understanding of urgency from Dr. Vineet Sankhla is a real-life testament to his level of expertise. Dr. Vineet Sankhla is truly here to enhance and save your health.

Kamal Jayprakash jain
I would like to express my heartily thanks, outmost respect and gratitude to you for your dedicated service to the patients including me. I was worried because I don’t have good family history of heart disease. Lots of thanks to you that you gave me relief of that tension so rapidly. In fact, I could not even imagine that everything like my heart check up, ECG, stress test, Echo test, nuclear perfume test, etc. would be done so carefully, effectively and so nicely within two days and I would get every test result right way – without any delay.

I greatly appreciate your friendly behavior, patience, attention, and sincerity towards the patients. I am very pleased with the quality of service, patients care and courtesy of every staff member of your clinic. Please extend my thanks to them.

Manas Punjani
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your personal care and attention during my procedure two years ago. I remain in rhythm and am doing well.
My best regards to you!!

Manpreet Singh Khanuja
I wanted to wish you both a very happy new year and good health. After Diwali in Singapore with my family I thought about what was the best gift I had received this year. Besides spending the holiday with my family, I knew that I had just finished one year from my angioplasty without any incidents and my heart is going fine. Thanks to Dr. Vineet Sankhla I am doing fine and I hope it stays that way.

Pramod Mishra
I thank you and your staff for their conscientious care and kindness during my recent heart concerns and procedure. I feel so much better getting it all behind me and having multitude of questions answered.

Brijesh Patel
Dr. Vineet Sankhla and everyone else at the office. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me in my time of need. Your willingness to help and professionalism is a testament to your high quality healthcare. Even more, I genuinely appreciate how you treat me like a person and a human, and not just another case.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart (which I know is healthy, thanks to you!).